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Monday, July 31, 2017

Sniffy the Bear had a cub

 This year my furry friend 'Sniffy the Bear' had a cub and I was very careful over my four day visit  to keep well away. Had she showed the slightest sign of agitation I would fled down to the valley. On all the wilderness hiking trips I am always very careful not to have food anywhere near my tent. On my first day of this nine-day solo hike I ran into a couple of men who have had years of Sasquatch encounters in the coast mountains. We spent a very enjoyable time sitting in the rain discussing this interesting topic. Having spent forty-five years doing solo hikes I have never seen anything to support the existence of this huge animal but that doesn't mean there isn't something happening.  There may be a spirit or something out there but from the viewpoint of cryptozoology it seems very unlikely. I will write more on this. Thanks to my new friends. For more about my pal 'Sniffy' click on 2016 entries over to the lower right. For more about Sasquatch watch my CBC interview on the upper right.

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