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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Golden Ears Peak

Golden Ears Provincial Park is located east of Vancouver, north of the Fraser river in Maple Ridge,B.C. There was still lots of snow up there at the end of June when I headed up but the sky was clear and sunny for several days. The view was great from my camp site high up on the ridge and I was happy to have my mosquito net. The mosquitoes and Blackflies were.......enthusiastic.
The hike requires proper equipment and preparation because the weather can change very quickly.
This time I edited the whole video and then composed the music one section at a time as I watched it.
Enjoy and have fun out there.

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Jason Ferguson said...

Enjoyed the video, Pete! Music too!
Hey? Would you be able to do a video featuring the gear, tent, pack, clothes, equipment, food, essentials that you use on such a hike? I would really enjoy that!