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Monday, January 5, 2015

That Old Fossil Fuel

   'The old fossil fuel' takes place decades into the future with a Granddaughter asking her Grandfather to tell her about the days when the world relied on a seemingly endless supply of fossil fuels. With forecasts and evidence of  more extreme weather events, melting glaciers, polluted aquifers as well as acidification of the ocean,  it's time to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and escalate the transition away from burning fossil fuels. The cost of not facing our changing climate is too great to ignore any longer.
     Our economic system is not sustainable and currently we lack political leadership but I look forward to creating a more stable economy with regard for the health and safety of the planet beyond the next fiscal quarter. It's time for sustainability. 
We have an obligation to try and make the world better for those who follow.
                                                       What have we got to loose?

   My thanks to Zara for singing the Granddaughter part. It took about two hours to write and quite a bit more time to arrange and record the intro and outro. This was one of those rare times where I knew that if I stayed with it I could finish composing it that day. The first version was in a higher key. After doing several instruments I decided to scrap it and start again, lowering the key, making it  better for Zara.     I tried several guitar tunings with the mandolin before I settled on the Dulcimer with the keyboard. The rhythm guitar kept getting in the way and I kept pulling it out of the mix before I did a new part with more restraint. The drums and bass guitar were really fun to do. 'That old fossil fuel' is a bit over-the-top....but from the heart.

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