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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Above the Gun

Click on this picture to see my latest video 'Above the Gun'.

Some roots of the family tree have led me to another beautiful part of British Columbia near Gold Bridge where I got to check out the view for myself. My great friend Bob knows the area well and drove me way up some logging roads [ and picked me up] where I accessed one of the ridges on Mt. Penrose.
The peaks are high above the valleys here and it is very dry but there are still a few pocket glaciers feeding some high alpine lakes. This September day was perfect hiking weather. Always happy to leave the rain gear IN the pack.

    Music: Notes 4 Hal
This song started one morning when I decided to write a chord chart that would be more interesting for my friend Jay than the usual simple stuff I would ask him to play. I had some guitar ideas but after we played it a couple of times Jay already had a bunch of ideas. I just went over and played the drums while he played the electric piano part. Then he improvised the organ solo. 
    A few days later Tony Gallo arrived early for rehearsal with our Motown band 'Muchmo' and kindly agreed to play a saxophone solo after only hearing it once. We had 15 minutes to record his track. Next I played the bass and all that was missing was the guitar chord at the end. Though the recording happened so quickly and I felt I hadn't finished writing it, I am really happy with the energy in the tracks.
Working with Tony and Jay is like letting thoroughbred horses out of the barn. I was expecting to go over the song several times to develop the parts but they were leaping  far ahead so the producer in me just pressed record.

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