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Friday, April 2, 2010

Stone village [part 1]

Over the past three years I have been filming the rise and fall of this ring of stone statues in the forest . It looks to me like a small village and maybe it is just the contrast of stone against mossy forest, but it seems to have a strong, positive energy about it. So many times after finding it all knocked down and wondering if I had seen the end of this project , it quietly gets built up again. I have never altered the Stone Village in any way but simply choose to observe and enjoy the process. You can see the different styles over time as various people have stopped to build a few columns.

The main style seemed to be the work of one artist. That artist turned out to be Joan. A few months ago after many visits to the site I finally met her while she worked. Joan has kindly allowed me to tell this story. She speaks over the soundtrack and the little girl 'Stardust' appears a few times exploring the latest creation. The site has been destroyed many times and feels to me like a metaphor representing the enormous strength in humans that strives for the good of the entire community.
The theme song was the third try for an appropriate background as the first two compositions were too fast and wild.I'll use those for something else. The music is fun to do and always seems to gobble up considerably more time than the video work. Its all about the process.

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wintergreen.3 said...

I thought the music was perfection.