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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tip #1 Tie up the food


Today marks the beginning in a series of camping tips intended to encourage everyone who goes out into wild places to do so safely and with respect.In this video I show you how I tie up the food to keep it away from critters. Take nothing but pictures,leave nothing but footprints!.Though not a trained guide, I have learned a lot over the years and always try to follow basic safety procedures.After many encounters with wild animals,fear is enough to keep you alert but knowledge keeps you safe.Bears have personalities which can make them unpredictable.The main thing they are attracted to is FOOD.

-Cook well away from your tent.
-NEVER eat or store food in the tent.Even in the nastiest weather!
-Do the complete look-around every few minutes to make sure a critter isn't sneaking up to check you out.
-Clean up and bury spills.Keep a tidy camp kitchen.
-Tie food at least 4 meters off the ground and far from the nearest place where a bear could climb up and swat it down.
-Avoid spreading things out and be ready to pack up quickly.
-Keep bear spray handy all the time if you have it.
-Learn about what the animals are eating during the different seasons,increasing attention when you are near an obvious food source such as berrie patches, fish,mushrooms ect.


Sandy said...

Awesome tips!!

lmroczek said...

Thanks for helping to keep us and the animals safe!