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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Above the Gun

Click on this picture to see my latest video 'Above the Gun'.

Some roots of the family tree have led me to another beautiful part of British Columbia near Gold Bridge where I got to check out the view for myself. My great friend Bob knows the area well and drove me way up some logging roads [ and picked me up] where I accessed one of the ridges on Mt. Penrose.
The peaks are high above the valleys here and it is very dry but there are still a few pocket glaciers feeding some high alpine lakes. This September day was perfect hiking weather. Always happy to leave the rain gear IN the pack.

    Music: Notes 4 Hal
This song started one morning when I decided to write a chord chart that would be more interesting for my friend Jay than the usual simple stuff I would ask him to play. I had some guitar ideas but after we played it a couple of times Jay already had a bunch of ideas. I just went over and played the drums while he played the electric piano part. Then he improvised the organ solo. 
    A few days later Tony Gallo arrived early for rehearsal with our Motown band 'Muchmo' and kindly agreed to play a saxophone solo after only hearing it once. We had 15 minutes to record his track. Next I played the bass and all that was missing was the guitar chord at the end. Though the recording happened so quickly and I felt I hadn't finished writing it, I am really happy with the energy in the tracks.
Working with Tony and Jay is like letting thoroughbred horses out of the barn. I was expecting to go over the song several times to develop the parts but they were leaping  far ahead so the producer in me just pressed record.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sasquatch revealed at last?

   A few days ago I noticed that the Myles Lamont video of a possible Sasquatch sighting had a huge amount of activity so I decided to contact CBC news Vancouver to help clear this up. The next day Belle Puri and Robb Douglas came down to interview me for the evening T.V. news and I also did as a couple of radio interviews including the 'Jack FM' morning show. 
CBC news contacted Myles after my story and you can hear what he has to say about it.:

                                                        Click this link to see CBC news interview


That snappy owl shirt was made by my wonderful mother. I love you mom. I didn't even have to operate the camera this time. Big time show biz!
 This story has been going around the world and I was told about some discussion on other bogs including one in Italian. It is great hearing from people from so far away who enjoy this.


                                         The truth getting out there.


            Some comments on other blogs:

Bonus points if you read Italian for this link

 Doubtful news website

I haven't yet finished the video I shot on Tricouni in 2011 because the story felt incomplete. I didn't get to any of the peaks,wondered around the snowfields and small patches of forest for 6 days taking photos and video as well as looking for my lost water bottle [see 2011 blog entry ].
Now, at last I have the rest of the story.
 Important update by the ever-clever Steve Tennant.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sasquatch Sighting?


  On May 3, 2014 I was reading a story on the news about some hikers who shot some video near Squamish, British  Columbia. Having done several hikes and peaks in that area I clicked the youtube video. They are on a  mountain hike looking down where, far below something is walking across the snowfield . They are unsure what it is but due to the location ["remote"] and the way it moved, they suggest it may be a Sasquatch.   As I watched, he mentions that he is on Tricouni mtn., it is 2011 and he does a quick pan across the valley. That was when my jaw dropped and eyes opened wide. I stopped it right away and looked back at my hiking photos. Sure enough, I was up there during the last week of July 2011 gathering video and still photos for another episode of Ridgewalkerpete. There was a huge snow pack left over from the winter that year. It was sunny and warm way down at the bottom by the high falls and well up the trail until you got to the higher elevation where suddenly it goes from grassy with plants to one meter of melting snow.
   I was extremely concerned about avalanches so I stayed away from the steep slopes and after a few tries decided not to go up to the peak. My main objective is get back safely, particularly so the nay-sayers who think you can't go solo without disastrous consequences don't get a big 'I told you so'.
For about six days I was walking all around exploring the valley, stubbornly holding that altitude even though there were summer conditions lower down the mountain. On my 2011 blog entry I told the story of my lone water bottle sliding off the cliff where I was camping. It took several searches over a few days to find but as I think back it was good to have a task, something to take my mind off not going to the peak. Tricouni mtn' will be the next video. I have most of the editing done but have not worked on the music. Now I have more for the story and have a better angle to cover.

           Sasquatch today?

Something I think a lot of people don't realize is that for a large critter like Sasquatch to survive today it would have to have a viable breeding population which would require a lot of food, year-round water , housing, paths to get around and they would tend to live on the valley bottoms where humans are likely to go. During several decades of hiking around in the back country as well as working in the bush I know that there are all kinds of people who poke around  the nooks and crannies of wilderness looking for minerals, oil, stands of trees, archeological artifacts, accessing climbing walls or just enjoying some of the last bits of old-growth forest. Somebody would have discovered a colony or a dead one. I am aware of the theory that  those who see a Sasquatch are viewing something from another dimension but I'll leave that for others. I will keep an open mind, continuing to watch out for whatever crosses my path.

If it was during the last week of July 2011, that critter might be me!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rocky Peak

                                                             ROCKY PEAK
                                  This is my latest solo hiking video with original music   

.     It was a cool fall day at a mid-elevation lake where I stopped to cook some pasta on my stove. I try not to scatter things around when I'm cooking in the back country because on past trips bears have quietly crept way too close investigating the food, before I even spotted them. As I took in this beautiful scene everything suddenly changed when I spotted a big Grizzly bear foraging along the lake about 100 meters away. It must have been in the bushes when I arrived. First, I turned off the stove then I made sure the bear spray was handy as I scrambled for the camera. Too bad I don't have a good lens for this but great news not to need the bear spray!
                                                                    Silvertip Grizzly?
 As it moved around I was surprised to see some white on its shoulders. I think they call this a 'Silvertip'. It was with enormous relief that I watched  it wonder AWAY from me and my tasty 6-day stash of food. I saw another black bear on this trip but there is plenty to eat so they left me alone. It was my job to avoid them.These solo trips have taught me to relax but always be ready for situations to change quickly. It always feels better when I have eaten and the food is all tied up far away.

Up above the treeline where snow collects, reluctantly melting during the brief summer, there are small open areas where I like to check out the moss and small plants.They have to be tough to survive this environment. In some places you see several varieties with different colours all jammed together..

 In the example below there was this strange pattern with open strips exposing the fine gravel below. Maybe someone scratched it up or it is naturally occurring, This is know as biovermiculations.
In the video you can see the emergency locator 'Zippy'  that my family got for me. It doesn't make any sounds by the way but is sure is great to have, particularly on these long solo trips into the mountains.I can send an 'I'm alright' message with a GPS location each day or send an emergency signal that will go to my contacts as well as Search and rescue. On a couple of trips it indicated a signal sent that wasn't received [yikes!], hopefully that was due to low batteries. Once again I am reminded that I must make smart choices that will get me out in one piece.
The music. This time I decided to keep it simple.Whenever I have music ideas I capture them on video showing the fingering on the guitar. This time I decided to use an open E tuning EBEEBE [ the palindrome of tunings?] for the acoustic guitar. After developing some short bits I added the mandolin. and then electric guitar for fun.
I hope you enjoy the video. If you are out hiking and think you see a Sasquatch...look again because that scruffy critter loping around is probably me working on the next exciting episode of Ridgewalkerpete.