Welcome to my blog. I hike and camp in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, and I am a professional musician.
Feel free to say hi and have a look around. There's lots of posts about my hikes and various movies from these adventures.
Thanks for coming by, Pete

RidgeWalkerPete DVD

RidgeWalkerPete Volume #1 
A six-video DVD featuring the mountains of 
British Columbia, Canada 
with environmentalist/musician Peter Tennant
$14.99 US/CAD PayPal includes shipping and handling

Equipped with basic camping gear, a camera, and a gentle sense of humour, Pete takes you along from the foothills to the mountain peaks of British Columbia, Canada.

Set to his own musical compositions, Pete shares the calm, diverse beauty of this untouched wilderness.
  • Watch and listen to the world of bears, birds, deer and whatever else is discovered along the way. 
  • Enjoy scenes of wildflowers and flora unmatched in vibrancy and beauty. 
  • Amaze yourself as masses of hungry bugs swarm around!  
  • Refresh yourself as Pete swims and paddles through the clear, blue waters. 
  • Discover traces of visitors from years gone by.
Here's a preview:

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